Roller Door Garages

Roller door garages are a modern way of getting more use out of your building. On freezing cold rainy days when you arrive home the last thing you can be bothered to do is get out fumble with your keys, unlock your garage then get back in your car to drive it in.

You have a lot more chance of actually using your garage to store the car in instead of just storing your bric-a-brac if you make it more convenient to use. People always start with good intentions of putting their car inside every night and then get lazy after a while because of the hassle of opening it up.

With an electric roller shutter door you just pull up, press the up button on the key-fob and in you go. Opening up in the morning is just as easy just open the roller door before you step foot outside.

All you need to operate an automatic roller garage door is a standard 3 pin electric socket near by to plug it in to and we will do the rest.

They don’t require as much space in front of them as the wooden double doors which is another advantage for some people.

As you can see by the pictures below we have built to many different shapes, sizes and designs.