Delivery Information For Our Buildings

All prices are subject to a delivery charge.

Delivery fees are calculated by postal code area  Click here for delivery costs by post code
Alternatively  contact us for a quote 01948 830460.

Delivery times are an approximate guide only, delivery time is typically from 8 to 18 weeks but this  may vary from time to time depending on seasonal trends, availability of timber and other materials, staff sickness and other unforeseeable occurrences.

Buildings that are being erected by us will usually be assembled on the same day that delivery takes place. Large buildings and buildings with optional extras like felt roof shingles may take place over a couple of days to complete.

The customer will need to provide access to 240 volts electricity, if no mains supply is available the customer will need to provide an alternative source of power, for example a generator which you should be able to hire from a tool hire shop.

For self assembly buildings please have a strong able-bodied person available on the stated delivery day, as the driver will be alone. He will need help in unloading your building.

Unloading should be to somewhere close to the van and not down any long garden or over any fences or such. We recommend covering your new building with a tarpaulin or something to keep it dry until it is to be erected..

We cannot give a time of delivery on the given day because of traffic and such,
You can request that the driver calls ahead if required.