Optional Extra Upgrades For Our Buildings

Up and over garage doors

Steel up and over garage doors 7ft wide £400, 7ft 6 wide £667, 8ft wide £717 (lager doors price on request) up and over doors come in a choice of colours with matching steel frame

Electric roller door £900 insulated aluminium (White, Brown, Green, Black) up to 8ft wide (wider on request) *Note* you will need to get a standard electric plug socket fitted near by to plug it in to. Extra head room maybe required to allow for the roller box on top of the doors. Standard height clearance is 1930mm.


Extra security lock with 5 keys £50 each


     Extra single access doors £120



Single glazed window options

Workshop opening window top hung single glazed
506mm w x 659mm h £60 (1 pane across)
980mm w x 659mm h £100 (2 panes across, opening-opening)
1456mm w x 659mm h £140 (3 panes across, fixed-opening-fixed)

Georgian style single glazed windows

£53 each

£73 each

£63 each

£83 each

£75 each

£95 each


Double glazed joinery opening windows with draught excluders

Call for current price

Double glazed upvc window options

Double glazed side hung window UPVC approx 2ft x 3ft 5inch £310

Double glazed top opener window UPVC approx 2ft x 3ft 5inch £320

Double glazed UPVC window with top opener approx 3ft x 3ft £350 each

Double glazed UPVC window with top opener approx 4ft w x 3ft 5inch h £450 each

Double glazed UPVC window with top opener approx 4ft w x 3ft 5inch h £450 each

Double glazedUPVC window 2 openers 1 fixed approx 5ft 10inch w x 3ft 5inch h £500 each

Double glazed UPVC window 2 openers 1 fixed approx 5ft 10inch w x 3ft 5inch h £500 each

Double glazed doors

Single wooden door double glazed top £550 inc hardwood frame, sill, weather bar, draught excluder, mortise lock and handles (we painted this one green, we can do different colours also)

4ft wide £1100 / 5ft wide £1200 / 6ft wide £1300
double hardwood French doors double glazed with hardwood frame, sill, weather bar,
draught excluder, multi-point high security locking system. (style may vary depending on availability)

Standard treatment at no additional cost (not including featheredge buildings or tanalised treated buildings) is cuprinol ultimate in the 6 colours shown here. The most popular colours are Autumn Brown, Spruce Green and Country Oak

Optional extra treatment Cuprinol Garden Shades £1.20 per square foot of building floor space e.g. 14ft x 10ft building 14×10 =140 x £1.20 cost £168

Roofing options

Corrugated onduline roofing

For a more durable roof finish and a wind resistance of up to 120mph.
To prevent condensation we T+G board our roofs first then use A1 roof protect before the onduline sheeting.
Onduline has a life expectancy of 15 years.
Prices can be found on pricelist page.

Felt roof shingles

For a more attractive long lasting roof covering, life expectancy is 20 years. Shingles come in Black, Grey , Red, and Green
If you wish to have clay tile or slate on your roof we can supply your building with manufactured roof trusses for your roofer to tile, batten and add soffits to. Your base will need to be made deeper to take the extra weight of the building please seek advice of a local builder for this. Prices on application.


 Breather Membrane

Vapour membrane will allow water vapour to escape whilst preventing wind-bourne rain water from entering the building. Its acts as an additional layer of protection from the elements.


Breather membrane and ply lining

If damp and condensation is a concern you can add vapour membrane and ply lining to your order. The breather membrane underlay is an upgrade from the bitumen paper we used to use. It Has high vapour permeability, is water resistant and tear resistant unlike the cheaper bitumen paper used by other manufacturers. It lets vapour out and stops water getting in.

The ply then protects the vapour barrier long term and gives a tidy appearance inside the building. It also provides a little more insulation quality to the building. They are positioned on the outside of the wall before the external boards are put in place still leaving a cavity between the internal frame work which can be insulated at a later date if desired.


We can install guttering to your building for £6.00 per 1ft run, e.g. 14ft long building 14 x £6 x 2 sides =£168 standard guttering is 112mm half round black guttering.

Downpipes will come down to ground level at the eaves side of the building. If a different position is required please ask in advance as the assembly team will only have connections to bring the gutter down the side wall on the eaves side.