Pent Sheds

Why buy a pent roof shed from us?

All of our pent roof sheds are made to order because there are so many variations in regards to the window and door positions.

Everyone we make is made to the customers individual requirements.

Our wooden pent sheds come with 5 optional door positions to chose from.

We use only quality fifths grade redwood shiplap boarding from Scandinavia on our pent sheds, we do not use low quality boarding that have more loose knots, splits and cracks like we know many manufacturers use to keep there price down to a bear minimum whilst compromising the quality of the building.

Our Pent sheds also have good size framing timber to keep your building strong for a long time.

Key features include-

  • 47mm x 38mm framing in the floor spaced close together for strength
  • 89mm x 38mm roof timbers to prevent sag
  • Quality redwood shiplap wall boarding
  • T+G boarded floor
  • T+G boarded roofs
  • All framework screwed together
  • Treated in a choice of 6 colours
  • Door comes with lock and key
  • All ironmongery galvanised to last
  • Windows and doors placed were you like at no extra cost